Journal Subscriptions

e-Learning SOlutions


Who We are?

ANMAKS Subscriptions is a well known name when it comes to the library services, we are not only helping libraries to achieve which can be beneficaial for them, but we are also helping publishers and to reach end users with their contents which can help community to grow. With our wide range of products and services, we make sure we have have everything which can cater the growing needs of the community.

What We Do?

Journals Subscriptions

Print Journals are the flagship products of ANMAKS since its inception and we are providing print journal subcription to libraries so that they can cater their end users and share the knowldge with them.

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e-Resource Solutions

e-Resource can help growing needs of libraries and it can serve wide range of audience, we know this and we provide e-Resources to libraries so that students can enjoy contents with ease.

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Software Solutions

Software solutions can help you to manage your library in more effective way and it can also help you to grow your library. These software manage your library and allow you to make more plans to grow it.

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Library Security Solutions

Security of your library is most important, and for this we bring some of the worlds renowed products which not only make your library secure and safe but also makes your daily task easy and fast.

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